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Friday, February 1, 2013

Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair - At the Geffen Contemporary Moca

All hands were on deck last night at the Geffen Contemporary Moca, during Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair opening. The museum quickly filled up, as crowds were flooding the museum entrances. The event was free and open to all ages, so tons of people from the city attended. Speaking of attendance, there were so many participants and contributors from around the globe there. When I entered into the room that was called"Zine World" I almost lost my breath. I know it sounds cheesy but I have been into zines for such a long time and it felt like I had reached the mecca of zines. It was like seeing the egyptian pyramids, legends and new comers displaying their work for all to see. I almost forgot I was there to cover the event, I ran around like a kid feasting my eyes on each booth and display. Larry Clark even had a huge wall up of his work it was amazing. So many posters, prints, clothes, zines, and books from wonderful places like New York, Canada, and Mexico this place was great. I met some cool people and picked up some awesome zines  and other material that I can't wait to check out. The opening was last night and it will be going on for this weekend only. I was in such a rush last night I didn't even get to pull up all the photos I wanted to make this post, but I wanted to spread the word about this great event. so check it out below and try your hardest to make it out to the La Art Book Fair before it ends.
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