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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Star Wars Themed Art Show Presented by Deadmundo and Sketch

The Force was strong with Los Angeles this past Friday when Deadmundo and Sketch put on a Star Wars themed art show at Guilty Studios in the Atwater Village. When I had arrived I couldn't believe the line. The parking lot had a huge line stretched across it that was full of Star Wars Patrons bearing the cold weather and rain. I myself had to wait in this tremendous line for over an hour, but luckily I was with my good friends so the line seemed more like a party. There were storm troopers making their rounds and stopping to pose for photos. Once we finally got inside it was like we entered into the Mos Eisley Cantina, you know that cool bar that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker meet at? Well anyways, the place was swarming with Imperial Knights and Jedis of all shapes and sizes. There were tables full of awesome merchandise from D.I.Y. Vendors such as 8 Bit Dreams, The Pinup Chronicles, and boxes full of old Star Wars toys which made this art show really pop off. Besides that the artwork was fantastic, it was evident that the Los Angeles Art culture had made it's mark on the world of Star Wars. Even the artist that participated in the show were real devout fans. The details they included into their pieces were not made up, you would only know those things from actually being a fan. One artist I had the pleasure of meeting was Michael Ulrich who had told me all sorts of neat things about his pieces, most notably was the fact that he had listened to a different sound track for each piece he had created. You can see a photo below of the sweet Scratch Boards he made of some of his favorite Star Wars Characters. La Weekly also posted a great review on their blog as well about this show, check it out for some great insight to how this show came together. I wish I knew they had gallery hours so I could suggest you all check it out but unfortunately this was a one night only show, but luckily your friend Desilu was there to catch the action...

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  1. Great photos! Thank you for the mention!


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