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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art in the Streets-Marioe the Artist

A good thing about living in the Los Angeles area is that you never know what or whom you may run into on the streets. This past Saturday I was driving through Venice Beach and when I was making my way back towards the freeway I spotted someone painting a wall. I immediately pulled over and ran to the store I had seen the artist painting. The store was actually a Boutique called Kathmandu. The owner was standing outside with the artist talking about the mural he was painting when I had walked up. I introduced myself to the both of them. The Artist I met is named Marioe. He's a local Venice resident and has been painting for over a decade. If you will do yourself the pleasure of viewing his Facebook you will see that his style is very intricate and vibrant. You can see his work on the streets of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. I took a few photographs of him as he painted some flowers, and the sound of his spray can sounded like a paintbrush. It had a soft flowing sound and that was because he had customized his can to do so and it enabled him to get the fine detail he likes. I didn't get to stay for too long but I did talk to him for a while and he was real down to earth dude and I plan to meet with him again to do an interview and of course photograph him. 
So for now check out these photos and stay tuned for more.
Sincerely your eyes on the streets-Desilu

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  1. You are so awesome, my baby idol.

    Love, Mari ;)