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Monday, January 28, 2013

Back Alley, A Celebration of Art in The Streets Presented by La Street Art Gallery and Do Art Foundation

Hello friends, tonight I present to you photos from the Back Alley group show. The opening was held on Saturday January 26th 2013 in the city of Los Angeles. The show was put on the by the La Street Art Gallery and the Do Art Foundation. Tons of artist were on the bill which included CanLove, Mear One, Cyrcle, Fred Caron,  and Haunted Euth. The entire show looked like it was literally held in a back alley. Shopping carts, cones and other found objects had been painted on by local artist and used as installation pieces to give the gallery an "alley" type appearance. I really enjoyed seeing the walls all covered with art. Usually most galleries are plain white walls, but not this gallery. Every piece that was on display was really different and unique from the last one. You could tell how interested people were in the art work. So many faces were gazing into the hard work of all these different artist. The vibe inside the gallery was so chill and fun. Everyone in attendance had some sort of object or thing with them whether it was a smile, a drink, a camera, a black book, stickers, or just a curious mind for art. The music was grooving and it seemed like people were having a real good time as they swayed around dancing and talking while viewing the show. I myself met so many cool people, one to mention was Photographer Erwin Recinos and his sweet young artist daughter Rosie, besides that I think it is safe to say the show was a big success the La Street Art Gallery team and Do Art Foundation put on an awesome show. It will be on display only until February 1st, so I highly recommend you check it out, but if not you can always feast your eyes on the photos I took below. 
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  1. you did a great job capturing people in the moment!

  2. Really caught the night.

  3. a festival of the people's art. Really nice job everybody.