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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bat Caves Hates Vitamins

As I mentioned on my previous post I also saw this band Bat Caves perform. They are a two piece band, one girl and one guy and they come all the way from El Paso Texas. The two members are named Leslie and Mike, Leslie is on guitar and Mike is on vocals and drums. I couldn't believe how much energy Mike had through out their set. He was drumming like a kid off their Ritalin medicine. Leslie was super cool and calm while she shredded away.
I managed to film one song but my dumb ass covered the mic for part of the song, but I still really like the footage so watch it if your not too cool for bad filming. Besides that, I did meet Bat Caves and they were incredibly nice people, so of course I grabbed a shirt and pin. Leslie does some of the band artwork too which made them even cooler.
I hope I can catch them again one day. 
Until then my friends this is Bat Caves....
Bat Caves Band Camp
Bat Caves Bookface

Art Work from Bat Caves

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