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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Marioe the Artist part 2

With social media commanding so much attention from the general population, it seems like everything is to be seen through technologies' hands whether it be on an i-pad, television screen, computer, cell phone, bill boards, magazines has sort of become a double edged sword for some artists. One can use social media to their advantage, advertising their art like crazy in hopes to catch some fame from it or one can take the less sought route of becoming known on your own, without relying too heavily on things like twitter or facebook, but there are those hungry artist who actually go out there and do work. Marioe is one of those artist, the ones that get up early to get started on their projects, the type that breathes in paint like its normal, constantly thinking of new things to create and paint. Marioe is an artist of many trades, not only does he paint walls and canvases, he also gets contracted to build functioning Robots. Mario remains one of Venice Beach's best kept secrets, a local resident that has been creating art for nearly two decades. I was finally able to get a chance to drive around with him to check out some of the murals he has painted. Most of the walls around Venice and Santa Monica are covered with some sort of art so it is sometimes hard to get a good look at everything. None the less, seeing Marioe' s work in person and in detail was really something. A very humble artist indeed, he shakes his head with a "No" when I ask if he sketches his pieces ahead of time. The complexity and use of colors and shadows really make Marioes artwork distinct. Each wall Marioe has enriched with his art has become a staple in the city its in. People are enamored when they see the interesting murals he creates with just the use of spray cans and different sized tips. The control and technique he possesses is so intricate and the shapes he paints look as if they are neatly entangled into each other. Next time your around Venice beach keep your eyes peeled for these great murals below he has always there will be more to come from this artist so stay tuned!

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