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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Iron Lung and Despise You @ Unit B Studio

Shooting film at a show can be so liberating, not only can you use a small cheap camera, but you can also take a beating in the crowd and still get some great photos while you watch some of your favorite bands. Besides myself, my disposable cameras fell to floor so many times, I was lucky to get them back each time. The shot above was from Rival Mob's set. The ones below are from Despise You and then IRON LUNG! The show was really bad ass, and packed like a can of sardines. I stood in the front for Despise You and Iron Lung, I really got my ass kicked but it was worth it. I flew like a bowling pin a couple times but it wasn't so bad. Battle scars and bruises from shows serve as some fun reminders. At the end of a good show I always feel so lucky to be involved in this scene. Here at these d.i.y. shows, you get to yell and sweat with your favorite bands and you even get to fall on them a couple times too. 
I also did a short interview with Iron Lung, so stay tunned for more to follow my friends!


  1. Hey, I think I talked to you right after Despise You's set! We were talking about how I unfortunately ended up in your pics of the benefit show for Sergio and it looks like I ended up in these pics, as well. Sorry about that! :)


    1. Haha yes yes!!!! It is all good dude, your adding some drama to the photos, which show shall we attend next haha?