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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Viva La Cuates

December 22nd was a sweet night, I got to spend time and party with one of my best friends Stephanie Segura, and we got to see her brother's band "Cuates" play at the Unit B Studio in Santa Ana. The whole night was awesome, Leo and Chris came up with the idea of renting a party bus for their show and it turned out great. The bus was packed to the windows with lots of cool people, bumping music, and cold beers of course. Finally we made our way to the show and it was super packed. I had never been to Unit B Studio, but I had been hearing a lot about the intense Hoax show that had just passed so I was pretty excited to check out the venue. Unit B Studio is pretty miraculous, not only is it an indoor skate park, it's also a venue for musicians to perform and record, and probably other things as well. The show was pretty bad ass, I caught some songs from the Budrows, the entire set of Cuates, and some of the Goat and their sweet cover of Black Flag's Wasted! Check out the photos and video below. 


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I remain your friend, Desilu

p.s. Te echo de meno Stephanie

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