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Friday, December 28, 2012

SmogTown Presents "End of The World" with Chaz Bojorquez


This past Friday I attended Chaz Bojorquez's 5th solo show "The End of The World" which was presented by Smogtown at the lovely Plaza De La Raza in the city of Los Angeles. The court yard of Plaza De La Raza was filled with the sounds of loud drum beats and smooth trumpets and people dancing away. The bright colored walls and white lights made the whole center look like a grand stage. As I made my way to the Light House Gallery, I was over come by the beautiful view of the small lake. The moonlight was glimmering on the lake as we sipped our ice cold Tecates and danced our way to the entrance of the Art show. 

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Inside the show it felt like we had entered into a different world. The room was warm and full of people gazing into the deep paintings of Chaz Bojorquez. Some of the paintings in the show had an asphalt like texture, and others looked like broken pillars. Even though it seemed a little bleak Chaz Bojorquez managed to still bring some life to the end of world with his bright silvers, deep reds, and beautiful rust like colors. There were a number of different skate boards as well that Bojorquez painted, the letters seemed so smooth and effortless. I can only imagine how Bojorquez's hands grace a surface with paint. Some pieces were small and unique others were huge and demanding. The big pieces really drew me in, I felt like I was peaking into the head of a masterful artist. Finally I made my way to meet Mr.Chaz Bojorquez. For as long as I have been going to art shows, I have never met such a nice and humble artist as Chaz Bojorquez. I've been covering a lot of events lately, but I never really get to meet the artists. This usually happens because A. I don't know what they look like, B. the artist isn't there or C. I myself get too shy to even gather my muster and introduce myself, but finally things have changed. As I was nervously waiting to talk to Bojorquez I couldn't help but notice how he was talking to every single people that approached him. It didn't matter who they were, he was friendly to everyone and really took interest in what people were talking to him about. Once I finally got up to talk to him, I pulled out my camera to record him and it didn't even phase him. He stood there by himself and answered my questions, and I could see how immediately everyone that approached him had to stop and listen to what he was saying. It was like listening to a philospher of art. I only asked him two questions, but his answers were so real I had to stop and check myself and say "Holy shit, you just did your first interview, and it was with Chaz Bojorquez". 

Love Always, Desilu and Friends

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