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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mormons jerk it up inside Redwood Bar

It was my first time seeing The Mormons and what a great introduction I had. The Mormons filled a middle spot on a Tuesday night at the Redwood Bar in Downtown LA. The Mormons are known for playing "Guerrilla" performances at shows such as Coachella, Eagle Rock Music Festival, and even Amoeba Records in Hollywood where they actually got banned from. Banned from Amoeba?! O.K. The entire set of the Mormons was filled with electricity and excitement. The singer Patrick made things interesting as he walked through the crowd shaking hands with his spastic like mannerisms.  The whole band themselves were individually awesome and into their instruments. I made sure to ask if I could take their photo, and I'm really glad I did. The members of the Mormons were so approachable and funny. They had no problem standing in the middle of the street for me as I snapped a quick photo. I myself will definitely keep up with this band, check out the photos below and the youtube video which is from one of their Guerrilla performances at the Eagle Rock Music Festival.
I'll let these Mormons inside my house, Ha Ha!

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