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Monday, June 3, 2013

Shannon and The Clams perform at the Glasshouse, Pomona

Hello friends, today I am sharing some photos from  this past Thursday's Shannon and The Clam's show at the Glasshouse. It was an all ages event so it was interesting to see such a young crowd present for the Clams. I managed to make my way to front left side of the stage, and all I could see were these young kids with their faces lit up with excitement. Shannon and The Clams were so damn cool that night, they really rocked those kids back a seat or two. Each song the band played sounded so melodic yet heavy on the craziness. Shannon and The Clams are amazing on record but even better in person
A few girls ran on stage and danced around so happily and freely, they didn't care if they were getting kicked out because, they were on stage dancing to their anthems. Moms in the crowd who had brought their kids were dancing just as much. A great thing about Shannon and The Clams, is that their sound is so classic, yet unique that a huge variety of music fans can appreciate this audacious band. If you have not heard this band yet, it's okay there is still time! Do yourself a favor and check out their site, they have some tunes to feast your ears upon.  Luckily I was also able to catch their show at the Echo this past Saturday. Those photos will be up soon, so stay tuned my friends. - Sincerely Desilu
Dig this Babe Shannon!

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