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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rotten Milk- Crazy Joe Davola, Spring Break '95, and Stripper Pussy

Ello ello friends, this fine Sunday I am sharing some photos from Crazy Joe DavolaSpring Break '95, and Stripper Pussy's recent show at Maya's Cafe in Corona. Spring Break '95 was my favorite, I almost got chin checked by the Bassist but it was all good, he missed my face. Stripper Pussy was fun to watch, I kept trying to sneak a peak up the guitarist's cute pink dress. Sadly I didn't get photos of Tron's set. It was some noise that made my ears bleed. Crazy Joe Davola's set was cut short, but the dudes played fast and hard as always. Check out the photos below and click the band names for links to their facebook. Set it off 

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