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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sergio Galvan's Memorial Benefit Show

Last night in the City of Los Angeles a memorial celebration was held in honor of our dear friend Sergio Galvan. Spirits were high as the DemonxChuff crew paid tribute to Sergio. Several special bands reunited for one night in honor of Sergio. M.P.G. opened up the night and got things going. She's Dead!!! came out guns blazing sounding so loud and sharp like it could cut through your ears. She's Dead!!! was said to be Sergio's all time favorite band. One couldn't help but shake their heads vigorously as She's Dead!!! lead through their set. Next up was Bastardass! West Coast Yani Power Violence type of shit. This band hasn't played in sometime and it was sad to see that last night was to be their very last show. Moses, Andres and David tore shit up as Mike blasted his drum set to the floor. ACxDC came out next and played harder then ever for they were playing with their newly added 2nd guitarist. The guys played an awesome set and closed with a cover by Pennywise, Bro Hymn. Everyone went nuts as they tried to grab the mic and sing their hearts out. Bodies were flying and dropping all over the place. AxRxM came out last to close the night out. This time the line up was a bit different. Tom was on vocals, Moses on bass, Jorge on drums, and Omar as always on the battle axe. AxRxM did an entire set of Scholastic Deth covers. Each song felt so loud and real as if every person in the crowd was playing along. Through out the entire night everyone was chanting Sergio's name and saying the most beautiful things about him. Last night was really a night to remember, to see the unity of everyone coming together to celebrate someone so special. Sergio Galvan is an amazing human being and his memory and influence will live on through every person he has touched and encountered. Even the people that attended last nights show who didn't know Sergio still felt the power of his influence. So many funny and great stories were shared about Sergio, it's amazing to see how he will always bring a smile to anyones face, even when he isn't there.  Last night was a night to remember forever, a little piece of history that will forever remain with us
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Apathetic Ronald McDonald-AxRxM
 Rest in Power Sergio, This was all for you.


  1. en el mundo no ay presio para mi amigo mas viejo de mi corazon que perdi mill anos atras.

  2. si ella callo...conmigo murro..en mis para rti.. calli calli