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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chelsea Wolfe Performs at The First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles

Ever been possessed? This past Friday February the 8th, Ms.Chelsea Wolfe enraptured the halls of the First Unitarian Church in Los Angeles. The entire audience was under her spell, as it felt as if she were singing to each single soul in the audience  The acoustics in the church were so enchanting, you could hear each vocal chord and hum from the violin to the keys. I was sunken into my chair as I watched the performance just enthralled into the whole show, I didn't even want to get up close for photos. It wasn't until the encore that my friend nudged me to get my ass up there. I stumbled and tripped out of my daze as I tried to make my way to the front. As I got down to the floor and took a knee, I really thought I was in some sort of ceremony. From the dead roses to the cow skulls on stage, Chelsea Wolfe's shear white dress was engulfed in this blood red light, it seemed like she was floating on stage. Once the show ended I had to shake my head and snap back into reality. It is so special when you see a performance so magnificent that it leaves you short for words but with such a great feeling. Almost like a musical high. After the show, Chelsea Wolfe came out into the the hall and started shaking hands with everyone. From one minute she was on the stage in darkness, then she emerged from the stage like a glowing light and touched everyone around her. She was even so nice to sign a few posters and even let me snap her photo too. What a gal.....
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  1. what an enjoyable show review. makes one wish he hadn't missed it. That last shot of chelsea could easily be a mag cover photo. nice job :)