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Saturday, January 19, 2013

“She Will Evaporate” with Alexandra Godoy

Last Saturday on January 12th I was also able to catch my dear friend Alexandra Godoy's solo art show at the Pomona Art walk titled "She Will Evaporate". The show was neat...all of her photos had this calm collected feeling to them. I felt like I was really looking through her eyes at the things she had seen. It seems so effortless the way she freezes her images and presents them next to each other. Alex is a great photographer, she has inspired me many times especially when she and another friend Diana got me to do my first art show with them in their garage. Its awesome to see your friends progress and get their work out there and seen. I can't wait to see where Alexandra goes with her photography next. Stay tuned my friends before she evaporates....

this is Alexandra and her mother

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