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Monday, December 3, 2012

"Organized Chaos" Cyrcle's 2nd Solo Exhibition

This past Friday I had the pleasure of viewing Cyrcle's 2nd Solo exhibit titled "ORGANIZED CHAOS" 
As I drove past the gallery on Lexington street, I couldn't help but notice the warm glow coming out of the space. It was so enticing, I could see everyone gravitating towards the busy gallery just like bees going to a hive. The space was huge and full of people. The vibrations from the music and the sounds of everyone conversing sounded like a sweet hum. The walls were full of so many different pieces, each one had a crowd of people studying it. The art was interactive which made the show real interesting. You could see the grins on everyone's faces as they caused chaos with the neatly placed blocks on the walls. At first we were afraid to touch the removable blocks but once we saw everyone else doing it we went at it. Each block had a different image on it which ranged from vibrant floral prints to bold letters. If I had to describe this event to someone I would say it was exactly like Organized Chaos, the space was full of arranged pieces and the people were left in the middle to create chaos with the art by changing the original arrangements of the blocks on the walls, and the words in the middle that made bold sentences some wouldn't think to say. The exhibit was great and stimulating. From what I have read this gallery will be on view until December 15th. Try your hardest to pass on by....

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