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Saturday, December 8, 2012

"What Are You Doing To Participate" Group zine/art show

Last night in the City of Los Angeles was the "What Are You Doing To Participate" group zine art show. Zines and prints from the 80's to present times were hung on the walls featuring music, political views, skateboarding and art culture. It was so neat to see all the different zines that have been created over time. The world of zines is so vast and creative. Each zine I was able to view had something different about it then the last one. You could see how interested some people were while they were studying these pieces of history. I find such value in zines, because if you think about it, a zine is not mass produced like a rolling stone or vibe magazine which not to mention are filled with shitty adds and shitty famous people. Here with zines there are no rules or guide lines. Each zine that someone puts together is like their own little history book. These people are collecting memories that would normally go un-noticed.  Documenting the shit we got in trouble for, the amazing bands we saw, and all the ruckus we caused on the streets. I talked to an artist named Adam about making zines and the one thing he mentioned was how fun and great it is to put a zine together with your own hands. The message I got from this show was that any one can put out a zine about anything they want to. What are you doing to participate with the things you feel strongly about?

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