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Saturday, June 4, 2011

only if you mean it

Why hello there my friends! I've been trying my hardest to keep this blog up, I was thinking of getting a tumblr, but something has been stopping me. I really like the site, its great to put out whatever you want, but the only thing I don't like is how many people have pointless blogs with other peoples work and gifs of funny things from movies and shit...But hey who the fuck am I? What make's me think my work is so great to look at...HAha...well the following photos were all taken with my cell phone. It's no instagram iphone app, these are just some photos I really like and wanted to share. Enjoy

 My brother Michael in our backyard.
The Lovely Dolores! We had to put a bib on her so she didn't dirty her nice shirt.
 Notice the girl pondering life to the left hand side....
 Oh my darling Daisy, I love this dog beyond a lot of other things.
This is my brother's friend Aaron, he likes to come chill with us and read comics. He can draw amazing portraits with charcoal, I hope to get my hands on some of his work one day. 
Watching the NBA playoffs has been great, 
Watching the Heat loose last night was AWESOME! Go MAVERICKS!!!!!!!
I have a big debate tomorrow morning in my english class. Ugh 8am!
Be careful while drinking and letting your friend cut your hair, the results may vary 
I recently had my hair chopped, but it's ok I really like it now.
As always I remain your friend,
Desilu Munoz

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