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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet the Reaper

As I previously posted, I had the pleasure of getting to shoot my friend Aaron aka "Dj Flesh Sweat", while he did his live radio show "Frantix Jubilee" on the beloved radio station Kspc(88.7 fm). Those 2 hours were filled with great music and intense laughs while we took requests and even did some comedy skits. I was so weak in the knees when I walked into the studio and saw all of the music that was there. All the shelves were packed with music from all sorts of genres. The walls were covered with stickers and posters from past friends and acts that have made their way through "The Space". There was a small side room that looked like a mini vinyl library. The walls stretched high packed to the max with old and new records. Aaron was so alive and into his live set, it was a good fucking show...What a fantastic experience.




As Always I remain your friend,

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