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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Before

Hello Friends, I was going through my old flickr. Wow haha the photos are interesting. I definitely see some changes. Anyways I know its only March but in this coming May I will finally go to New York again. When I went before I was like 16 so I couldn't do too much or explore the real cities, but now here I am 22 and ready to go again. This time I get to stay with my wonderful friend Stephanie Segura. She recently moved over there a few months ago. I have posted about her before here, check out her blog ( she takes some really neat photos. SO! I decided to post some of my photos from my previous trip, They are in no means fancy at all, I can't wait to go out there again to take photos. Myyyyyy goodnesss!!!! Enjoy...

This photo isn't from New York, its just one of my favorites ever. Oh How I love my dog Charlie. 

Sincerely with Love,

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